“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.”
- The French Quotes

One of the best weapons for small businesses’ success is having an Administrative Assistant. Administrative assistants act as your problem solvers and they keep your business or company stay on track, organized and increase productivity. Despite these facts, the position is often overlooked when hiring staff.

Most companies and businesses are still hesitant to invest in hiring an administrative staff because they still see their work as something that can be done by just anyone and not at all necessary. Over the past years, the role of an administrative assistant has evolved, and today, they do more than just file your paperwork or answer your precious calls. The top administrative professionals can handle a broad scope of responsibilities and contribute to complex projects; all while ensuring operations run efficiently and keeping costs to a minimum.

Administrative assistants serve as the backbone of your organization. there is so much to gain from hiring one or two talented assistants. Here are just a few reasons why small companies should consider investing:

1. Productivity is the Key: Certain tasks such as email and calendar management, client follow ups, social media marketing, content creation can bog you down in doing income generating tasks. Administrative assistants can help your day-to-day run more effectively. By having someone you can trust and to delegate tasks, you can focus on bigger tasks that impact the business.

2. Next Level Customer Service: Having an Administrative Assistant that is dedicated to ensuring your clients and leads satisfaction is a great addition to your team. Having someone to deal with your customer service Is a great way to establish strong relationship with your current clients and prospects without the worry of you compromising other income generating tasks.

3. Less Stress, More Focus: As a small business owner you often juggle multiple tasks to keep everything running smoothly. Having an administrative assistant can lessen your workload and escape the admin jungle. This will allow you to invest more time in your business.

4. Build your Company Culture: When you’re managing a small business, cultivating a strong company culture is certainly easier said than done. This is just another area where an assistant can make a significant impact. From organizing holiday parties and happy hours to setting up employee appreciation initiatives, they can help make the company a better place to work.

5. They are Experts in most fields: An administrative assistant isn’t just for clerical work, they dominate most of the work fields you cannot imagine. As mentioned earlier, the role of an administrative assistant had evolved for the past years. Today, they can help you with the ins and outs of social media, do digital marketing, content creation, publish videos, and many more.

So what’s the verdict? Better productivity, less stress, business goals achieved and more time in your day to grow your business and get new clients – what’s not to like!

I hope this blog helps you understand the benefits of having an admin assistant and what they can bring to your company for this new year. If you’re looking for an admin assistant you can count on, Summit VA Solutions is here to help.

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