As more people buying houses or moving from one place to another, the real estate market is more competitive than ever. As a seller agent, you have different tech tools and strategies at your disposal to help your property stand out from the competition. Home staging is one of them. Home staging is a proven technique to make your home appealing to buyers, therefore, sell faster.

Adding home staging as part of your selling strategy will highlight the best aspects of the property, which leads to a faster turnaround and more money. Home staging works because it speaks to buyers' psychology. It brings out the strengths of the home and creates an instant, emotional connection with buyers.
Today, we will share the most important rules of home staging that will help you get great results and show your home's best asset.


You want to let the buyers feel like it’s their home – not yours. You should stop thinking of it as your home and let the buyers picture themselves in the house. Homes sell faster when they don’t have a feeling that it still belongs to the seller. Neutralize everything from decors to colors to catch the attention of more buyers.
Knowing the mindset of the buyers and apply it will increase the chances of your house selling faster.


There is a saying, “Less is More” this saying applies to home staging. You may want to remove unnecessary house stuff like extra cabinets, few plants, or move some furniture. These will make the home space bigger by giving more negative space where the buyer can imagine things they can put there.


No matter what year your property was built, every house you need to sell needs updating. Consider few updates when doing home staging. A new painted wall or an updated flooring isn't a bad thing. Give the feel that the house you're selling deserves the right price.


Adding little things to your home makes it feel more inviting to your buyers. Things like new flowers on the table, or a tray of tea and biscuits, and fresh towels and robes in the bathroom will make your home stand out from the competition. These extra miles will make your prospects feel comfortable, and they go a long way in delighting buyers and helping them make a decision faster.


Things that don’t stand out to you could be noticeable to your buyers or prospects. Get opinions from other sellers or home stager experts to get some advice for more improvement. It’s always a good idea to consider ideas from other home stagers to make your property look better, resulting in more attracted buyers.

A property that has been on the market for a long time without success is a cost for the seller. Hope the home staging rules we have for you will help you sell your home fast.

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