As a business owner in the Real Estate industry it is expected of you to always be on top of your game to ensure success. From lead generation, transaction coordination, open houses, sales, marketing and everything else in between.

For some people, delegating never crossed their mind, while others don’t want to take the time to explain or instruct others how to do certain tasks. But often, it’s about not being able to articulate your expectations, goals, and objectives clearly. As they find it easier and quicker to do it themselves, or they feel that no one will do it as well as they can.

As time will pass by, it’s going to burn you out, leading to stress, fatigue, frustration that could affect your mental health, business and social relations. A big no, no I’m sure.

Thus, delegating is just what you need! -- Yes, it’s going to take some time but the benefits are worth your time especially in the long run.

In management, delegating refers to sharing or transferring responsibilities, and typically happens from a superior (or an employer) to a subordinate (or an employee). Delegating is a critical skill for supervisors at any level and can be a major challenge for them to learn, due to concerns of giving up control or the lack of confidence in the abilities of others.

Delegating is an important trait for those who work in the Real Estate industry wanting to expand their business without burning themselves out. It is important in any organization.

In fact, in a Stanford University-led survey, 35% of executives indicated that delegation is something that they need to improve on, while 37% said that they are actively trying to improve their delegation skills.

Delegation plays an important role in two major aspects in running your business in the long run:

#1 Efficiency

By delegating work to others, a Real Estate Agent is transferring work to people whose skills better fit the task(s). It gives you the time and ability to focus on higher-level tasks without worrying so much about the little things.

For example, it would not make efficient sense to have the CEO do administrative work; it is better done by others. Therefore, it improves the efficiency and productivity of the individual delegating the work and lessens their stress.

 #2 Support/Team Work

When you first start to delegate to someone, you may notice that he or she takes longer than you do to complete tasks. This is because you are an expert in the field and the person you have delegated to is still learning. Be patient: if you have chosen the right person to delegate to, and you are delegating correctly, you will find that he or she quickly becomes competent and reliable.

When you finally get the ball rolling on the whole delegating thing, you not only get to focus on what you do best but you can also get the support you need when things are getting too much for you. It also develops trust between workers and improves communication.

As business owners and/or managers, it is discouraged to micromanage. However, this doesn't mean we must abdicate control altogether: In delegating effectively, you have to find the sometimes-difficult balance between giving enough space for people to use their abilities to best effect, while still monitoring and supporting closely enough to ensure that the job is done correctly and effectively.

It may be tough in the beginning, but it will pay off soon enough when done right.

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About the writer:

Shaura Cuyan writes about all the hottest Real Estate trends and predictions for Summit VA Solutions! She has previously written for a number of freelancing gigs and writes her own blog on lifestyle and current issues. She is a Graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication, taking up her Masters in Development Communication.





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