When generating leads for your real estate business, your go-to platform is probably Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. I bet you already know the ins and outs of this platforms when it comes to your real estate marketing. But how about your LinkedIn? And do you take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer? have you ever tried doing marketing using this platform? Are you curious if you will be able to generate leads there?

In this blog, we will talk about how you can maximize your LinkedIn account and take advantage of its features.


LinkedIn is now standing in the spotlight and has come of age – it’s now one of the most effective social media marketing tools for real estate agents. LinkedIn is much more than just an online resume; it’s a great way to build regular visibility of your brand with homeowners from your neighborhood.

Compared to Facebook where you add personal contacts and share personal content, LinkedIn is more on the professional network side. Meaning, you will be able to locate and add prospect leads to your network, businesses you want to work with, the industries you belong to and the professional interests you have.

Most people on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter use their personal accounts even for business. Connecting with someone in LinkedIn is less intrusive as a real estate agent since you are not intruding on their personal lives. Another benefit of LinkedIn is that all content shared in this platform is more business focused. It’s the best platform for you to establish your brand and promote your business.

Real estate lead generation on this platform requires effort. Let's start to discuss some strategies and tips on doing real estate lead generation ideas for LinkedIn that can grow not just your network but also your business.

Don’t Just Create an Account, build that Company Page!

Once you have created an account. Don’t stop there. Start building your company page.

Your Company Page on LinkedIn is different from your pages with other social media platforms. Your page in LinkedIn will be geared towards targeting businesses and professionals and this will be a great opportunity to showcase your different products, services, events, and brands.

Why create your very own Company Page?

• Use the Showcase Page as leverage. Showcase Pages are extensions of your LinkedIn Page, it is designed to spotlight individual brands, business units and initiatives. This is a great extension tool that will enable you to share in‐depth information about your real estate business and engage with a target audience.

• Share Your Business Content. Your company page allows you to share contents that will highlight your specialties. You can share posts about your services, blogs about what you do and how you can help and short videos about your products. Since LinkedIn is more business focused, it is easier for you to reach your target audience on a bigger scale.

• Increase Your Visibility. If you want to be indexed by search engines, there is an option in your profile that you can toggle to Increase your business’s visibility in both LinkedIn and search engines.

• Engage with your community. With a company page at your disposal, you don’t have to use your personal account to engage with your followers. Highlighting your business, not your personal life.

Utilize the Advance Search to Connect and Expand your Network

One of the features that can aid you in your real estate lead generation is using the advance search feature. This tool is not just used by job-hunters and hiring companies, you can also use this to locate local agents and leads in your neighborhood, discover people with the same interests, check background information on current leads, and identify new prospects.

You can also organize the connections you make by using the Tag Tool. This will allow you to label a connection and sort them from cold to warm.

Send Personalized Inmails
Inmails are basically sending a message to someone in LinkedIn that you’re not connected to. This is only possible for premium users. You can maximize this feature to help you reach networks that are private.

Sending inmails requires inmail credits. LinkedIn Premium gives you 5 InMails each month. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pro account gives you 20 InMails each month. Sales Navigator Teams account gives you 30 InMails each month. You can buy more credits in their website if you need more.

Note: if the network you messaged using inmail credits didn’t open your message for a certain span of time, the inmail credit will be returned to your account the following month.

Join Local Real Estate Groups
You are probably familiar with groups in Facebook or Google. LinkedIn also offers this feature to engage with Real Estate Agents and people in your network that have the same interests in the community.

Whichever Group/s you join, be sure to add to your network those connections that match your target audience. Talking with fellow agents and consumers from across the country can help you build an online presence

Drive Traffic by adding Social Sharing Plug-ins in you Page
Be sure to add a LinkedIn share button to your personal website as well to make it simple for visitors to share your posts to LinkedIn.

Update your Profile if Needed
When you change something in your business and profile, it’s imperative and a good habit for you to update your profile and ensure your networks know the new changes.

• Correct your company and/or job title.
• Correct your contact details; phone numbers and website links.
• Make sure you have a professional headshot photo, not a selfie or casual looking image.
Other opportunities you can utilize in LinkedIn are as follows.
- Buying Ads
- Sponsored Posts and Contents
- Advertising Private Message

Many features and benefits are being ignored by real estate agents. LinkedIn is a fast-growing social media platform that offers great help to grow your business and network.

Hopefully this article gives you a better view on how to manage and maximize your LinkedIn account to establish your brand identity in a business focused environment. That said, if you want assistance managing your account and expanding your network, Summit VA solutions can help you! We provide real estate trained virtual assistants who are also trained to help our clients handle their social media presence.

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