I am going to dedicate my January 2022 blog to all Summit's Virtual Assistants! The ROCKSTARS! Crazy though they may be but they are awesome!!!

During interviews, I am always asked the question, "What made you successful in this industry?". I can sit and answer this very question in different ways. I can sound like a coach and give out so many traits that I would like a VA to have in order to be rockstars but I won’t. I only have one simple and sound response, "Well, I cared and I cared with passion! I still care, nothing has changed and I will continue to passionately care!".

The phrase, "Care with passion!" is all you need!

That statement will lead to many great things in life whether professionally or personally. There are times you do something without having to ask yourself why you're doing it because you care a lot. It's in your nature that if you care, you find ways and just do! When you "do" things because you care, you give it your all and end up getting great results. If you do care, you’ll do everything right and all great things will follow. So really, "to be great, you need to care!".

For example, you care about your client? Then you'll do so much more because you'll care about your client's business than any job description or specific expectations they may have for you. You will find ways to make everything easier for your client. You will look at your client's system to check everything to see overlaps of features in each software being used to cut off expenses. You'll find ways to get more from existing resources. You'll take care of the businesses' clients. You'll be very careful with timelines. You are going to make sure you are there to provide what they need at all times. You are going to look for other needs that they don't even realize, equip yourself with the skills needed and then execute so everything is covered. You'll see what are missed and immediately work on it. I can go on and on with things you will find yourself doing but the point is... You will do all these and more because you "CARE"!

Also, if you care about your growth, success, and role in a company, you'll work hard, excel, and succeed! You will be so concerned about the quality of the results that you'll work on perfecting every single task or project. Talk about high productivity and efficiency!

CARE! I did, I do, and always will care passionately about everything in this company. It was the caring that made me say "yes" to starting this company and then working hard to give each and every person who cares passionately about being successful in this industry the chance...

In our book of life, we should not forget previous chapters or pages so let's go through a short summary of how Summit VA Solutions, Inc and came into existence and how “caring” played a role in my success!

My success with Big City Properties, Inc (Real Estate Industry)

I started out as an Executive Assistant, became the VA Manager in two weeks’ time. Eventually, I was running the show! How did I make that happen?

  • I cared that my client had no control over what was going on in the operations.
  • I cared that he was having problems with how Houston and the VA worked together.
  • I cared that he was getting issues after issues even not knowing where these issues were coming from and how to go about resolving them.
  • I cared that the Vas I worked with were not given the chance to show what they can do.
  • I cared that the Vas were blamed for things they shouldn't have been blamed for at that time.
  • I cared that people were frustrated with each other. -I cared that the whole team didn't have the best processes.
  • I cared that the Vas were not listened to.
  • I cared about my client’s business that I learned everything that is Real Estate! The flow, the process, if-thens, changes, rollouts, updates… all these so I can help him be successful.

I stepped in and I did things to make everything better and easier for all involved. Were all I accomplished in my so-called, "job description"? NO! I just cared passionately so I did all these and more!


My success with Summit VA Solutions, Inc. (Virtual Assistant Industry)

I was offered the partnership and the role of doing all of operations for this company. Knowing how tough it was going to be, I willingly said yes. Why? It's not all about having a business. It's all about what I cared about at that time the partnership and the job was offered.

  • I cared that some of those I worked with at that time were going to lose their jobs because our client said, "I don't want to do Real Estate anymore". I wanted to be able to have them stay.
  • I cared that people who are hardworking were not given chances to have a stable job.
  • I cared that people, because of work are not able to spend quality time with their families.
  • I cared about the lack of opportunities for people like me, a hardworking Filipino.
  • I cared that those people who were given the opportunity were not treated right by the company handling them.
  • I cared that people who don't have experience in this industry are not given the chance to show what they can do. I am sure you'll agree that we all start from somewhere. I don't know about you but I didn't know Listing Agreement- Exclusive Right to Sell when my mom gave birth to tiny Bernadette.

These created my goals! I knew I can do something about all these and more if I say yes, so I did.


In all business start-ups, you have goals! You want success! Actually, you want to be a BIG SUCCESS! Businesses start because when studied, they're proven feasible. What you do after start-up, however, will determine how feasible and successful the business is going to be. If you ask me, when all these started, I didn't know where we'll be in 7 years. I'd love to say that I will be the confident "Bernadette" then and say, "SUCCESSFUL" but I can't. At that time, I had no idea but I had goals to realize, knew what I cared about so I put in the work and a lot of myself into everything I did for this company. There were long hours and so many sacrifices made but I didn't even think about all those. I did everything I can to make this into the Summit VA Solutions, Inc. it is today.

That was 2015 and “today” is now! Year 2022! Almost 300 Virtual Assistants work full-time with clients.

Some will see that as "small" in numbers considering the years. I hear you! But this is one of the few times that I'll say, "I don't care"! I really don’t! VA companies out there can boast of their numbers and they should if that is all they care about. Why not, right? But high numbers can mean a lot of things. Maybe more project-based? Maybe part-time Vas? A lot of things but not necessarily successful!

With Summit VA Solutions, success was never about the numbers. It might even surprise you to know that Summit terminates clients and does not accept all clients calling us for Virtual Assistants. Of course, I want high numbers, who doesn’t? But we will forget the numbers without regret if the quality of work relationship, the VA’s mindset, and service are sacrificed. We have standards! At the end of the day, success is measured by looking at the main goals and then the actual result of all the hard work.

Success for this company is having a family of "QUALITY Virtual Assistants” living quality and happy life with this company, their clients, and their families!!

Forget the numbers! No matter how small that number is, what's important is our Vas and Clients are "HAPPY"! We have Virtual Assistants with “GREAT ATTITUDE", who are "LOYAL", "TRUSTWORTHY", "RELIABLE", "RESPONSIBLE", "WITH INTEGRITY", "GOAL ORIENTED" and "SUCCESSFUL"!

So guess what, YEAR 2022!!! I CALL IT A WIN! I’d say, “GOAL”!!! I repeat, "QUALITY VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS!"

THAT is something all of us here at Summit VA Solutions, Inc and are proud of! We have a family of ROCKSTAR VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS WHO CARE PASSIONATELY about their families, their clients, the work they do, their growth, and success! A group of Virtual Assistants I am proud to call my family!!!

So what do you say, Rockstars?

Are you ready to show then what you're made of? Show them how passionately you care? Shall we leverage on mistakes, failures, and disappointments from last year and have the best year yet in this industry this 2022?

WHY NOT? We know how so let’s show them how it’s done!!

Let’s show them what it means to #GROWWITHSUMMIT!

About the writer:
Bernadette Canero holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering. She is one of the founders and owners of Summit VA Solutions. Ms. Canero is the Vice President and Chief Operating officer of Summit VA Solutions and, Inc.

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