One of the busiest professions out there is being a Real Estate Agent. It involves a lot of responsibilities and tasks like generating leads, social media marketing, prospecting clients and finishing paper works for real estate transactions. Of course, more clients mean more growth to your business but keeping your clients is a big challenge.

Each transaction can take up to 45 hours to finish from contract to close according to NAR. For each transaction you finish, 30 of those hours are spent doing your paperwork. If you look back on all your transactions this year, for sure you forgot a step of the process or got involved too much in the administrative side that you missed income generating opportunities.

We all know that time management can be a solution, but it is still a challenge to juggle your schedule with all the appointments, admins tasks, marketing and tracking all the paper works as well.

To make sure you can keep up with all your real estate transactions from beginning to end, wouldn’t it be more effective if you can delegate the tasks to someone who can reliably do the job for you?

Here are some advantages of getting your own transaction coordinator:


1. Gives You Focus on Income Generating Tasks

Hiring a transaction coordinator will give you more time to meet potential clients. This will increase your chances in selling more properties. Your Transaction Coordinator takes care of the paper works from the time the seller accepts the offer until closing the transaction. All you have to do now is go out there and meet future leads and clients!


2. You’ll Never Miss a Deadline

You can make sure that transaction deadlines are met when you have a transaction coordinator to rely on. If you will be working with multiple clients, keeping track of all the documents can be a tough job. A well-organized transaction coordinator can keep track of all the needed documents for you. Meeting a deadline means Smooth transaction.


3. Level up Your Customer Service

When you provide good customer service, you ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of your clients. Your Transaction coordinator will take care of it for you. They will make sure that the needs and demands of your leads and clients are met. If your client is well taken care of, you will be surprised how many leads will be generated.


4. Expand Your Network

Since hiring a transaction coordinator will give you more time, of course you will have more opportunity to attend meetings, conferences and meet potential clients. You no longer must burden yourself on a lot of paperwork and waste precious time calling and updating your database. Let your hired transaction coordinator do the job for you!


5. Efficiency is the Key

Your transaction coordinator will keep track of all the documents needed for your transactions. They make sure that all the documents required are finished and collected on time. They follow a strict timeline to make sure that your transaction with your clients are smooth. Now, you will surely have more time to run your business and you may even have more time to spend with your family.

Doing real estate transactions with a transaction coordinator will make everything easier. Don’t stress out yourself about keeping track of the dates, collecting all the paper works or calling your clients.

If you’re having challenges doing your own real estate transactions, this is the right time for you to hire your very own transaction coordinator. Summit VA Solutions provides Real Estate trained Virtual Assistants who are geared with 160 hours of training towards understanding the end-to-end process of Real Estate operations.

Start focusing on what matters most. Grow your business with a Transaction Coordinator. Set an appointment with us today!
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