Apart from selling and buying real estate, many real estate agents and companies delve in property management. This facet of the real estate industry deals with the management of commercial, residential and land real estate. Managing properties includes the operation and maintenance of the properties in your care. This entails dealing with multiple people of different characters and different needs on a daily basis. Hence, Property Management can be a headache especially with just one man running the show.


Property Management comes with a number of tasks, and to keep your tenants happy you have to fulfill these tasks efficiently and effectively. However, attending to these can cost you much of your precious time and, in most cases, your sanity. It is for this reason that many companies employ Virtual Assistants to assist them in their Property Management. But how can a Virtual Assistant help in Property Management? Let Summit VA Solutions enlighten you.

  • Handling contracts. Without the right system, one can easily find himself buried in paperwork. This could mean missing deadlines or even losing tenants. A virtual assistant can assure that all contracts are properly executed and, if needed, amended. This saves you time working on clerical tasks and gives you more time for your professional and personal activities.
  • Maintenance - such a simple word but not a simple task. This could mean hours of talking to people on the phone and, if you’re not lucky, more hours just trying to get someone to pick up resulting in delays and, in effect, unhappy tenants. Wouldn’t it be nice to save yourself the hassle and have a Virtual Assistant do the talking for you?
  • Overseeing operations. This means responding to tenant queries and many other concerns. One tenant may have a few of these concerns, imagine ten tenants, imagine a hundred. This could have you reading and replying to more e-mails and texts than you can handle. Or have your ear to the phone for more hours than you can take. And on top of that, you have to see to the property’s daily operations. Spare yourself the unnecessary stress. A Virtual Assistant can aid you in this front. Get a Virtual Assistant to manage your schedule, e-mails, texts, calls, and even your tenants!

Having a virtual assistant will definitely lighten your workload, giving you more time to focus on income generating tasks and time for your personal life.

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About the writer: Graduate with Diploma in Information Technology and Business Administration major in marketing & management. Former teacher for secondary and tertiary level. Former Trainer for Medicare customer support John used to write articles for Houston Real Estate investing and management.

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