At Summit VA Solutions, we do not stop at being the best trained staff in real estate. We strive to go and beyond what is expected.

Here is how we can remain as the best in the industry:

Update and Upgrade

We update our skill set. Our training does not end in the training room. Bernadette Canero, our Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, no less, encourages all of us to be well-informed about the latest trends and tools. As fickle as Facebook's algorithm, what works today may not work tomorrow anymore. What is fresh now can be obsolete next month. As Virtual Assistants, we have to be on our toes and all ears with up to the minute business solutions. By doing so, we let our clients focus on what really matters while we efficiently do the labor-intensive administrative tasks.

We upgrade holistically. The real estate industry thrives on relationships, i.e., good business relationships. Hence, establishing and maintaining rapport with and among stakeholders delivers significantly positive business results. At Summit VA Solutions, we take this seriously by walking the talk. Summit Virtual Assistants work across all departments and ranks effectively, proven by the many quality client feedback.

We work as a unit. We generously share our knowledge and expertise with one another through our group chats. Thus, everyone gets to learn what the other already knows. We do one-on-one coaching albeit virtually. Anyone of us who is a subject matter expert may do so.

Upgrading and updating oneself is as vital, if not more, as upgrading and updating one's equipment, typing and internet speed.

Unlearn and Upsell

Unlearning is an integral part of the learning curve. The Summit VA Solution staff is heterogeneous. We have both tenured and fresh out of college virtual assistants. Everyone has got something to bring to the table. Some have a lot of skills and experience while some not so much. In serving our clients, we have to nitpick what we think will add value and unlearn those that provide otherwise. To quote Stacy Sutter, President and Owner of Summit VA Solutions, "I aim to please." As a guiding principle, we can only please if we unlearn what is displeasing to our clients.


Upselling is defined as a sales technique used to persuade a customer to purchase a premium version. We can only upsell if we "upsell ourselves". When we update, upgrade and unlearn, we "upsell ourselves" in the process. Upselling is about valuing oneself, i.e., evaluating oneself and what one does. It is a self-assessment if one is delivering value. After self-evaluation and we find that we are not up to par, we update, upgrade and unlearn again. As Summit Virtual Assistants, we are encouraged to offer ideas and resources to help achieve our clients' objectives. We aim to please. And only when we do can we upsell.

“Becoming number one is easier than remaining number one.”
-Bill Bradley

Becoming the best trained staff in real estate is the easy part

Being the top-of-mind Virtual Assistance Firm in real estate is easier. Staying as such is harder. That is why we do not stop.

About the writer:
Joel Andrada is a highly energetic marketer and a deeply passionate artist with 20 plus years combined experience in brand management, business development, creatives and customer service. He is a certified digital marketer and film maker.

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