As a real estate agent, your social media marketing strategy shouldn’t just revolve around Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. If you want to expand the horizon of your marketing, Instagram is a great tool to be part of your digital brand promotion.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. It is now one of the essential places for businesses of different industries to focus their marketing strategy efforts. Adding Instagram to your strategy can improve your business reputation, build your brand, and help you reach audiences and leads who have yet to engage with you online.


Today, learn how you can use Instagram for your real estate business and what pitfalls to avoid – all of which can help you use the platform to your advantage and level up your social media marketing strategy.

Determine The Right Audience
This is the most important piece if you want your marketing strategy to succeed. Not everyone in social media, especially Instagram will be your target audience. Instagram Insights helps you to understand your audience, providing data related to your content, activity, and how your audience responds to your brand. Know what your followers like the most, what content do they follow for, who likes and shares your content. You need to know what to give your audience for them to keep coming back to your profile.

Post Something That You Created
Let your audience know that you care. Post something that your audience wants. The reason your audience follows you is to be updated with the latest market trends, listings you present, hear what you have to say on real estate conditions. Posting content created by you is essential because you know your audience.

Share Educational Content
You are not just on Instagram to buy and sell houses, but also to be the real estate agent your audience can depend on. Take your time to research, compile your knowledge of the market, and check out the latest listing trends that you can share with your audience.

Show Your Personal Side
Oftentimes, the audience or leads connects with someone they can relate to, someone they can approach and is seemingly enjoyable to speak with. It’s okay to be funny and show who you are to your Instagram account – you just need to know when is the proper time to post such content.

Always Engage
The reason why you are using Instagram is to connect with your prospect leads. Just like any other form of marketing, without engagement, everything will fail. There are a lot of ways for you to stay engaged with your audience using Instagram, from sending a direct message, responding to a comment to answering questions thru IG stories.

Highlight Your Business
Instagram is a great platform to promote your brand, build connections with prospect leads and yourself. Utilize this platform to highlight your business, like promoting your new listing, a walk-through of how you buy properties, or even a link to your website or social media page where prospects can learn more about you and your business. You can add your website link to your bio, share your other social media platform thru Instagram stories, and create a call to action button to your posts.

Here are some ADDITIONAL tips for you to fully maximize your Instagram business account:

1. DON’T Use and alter stock photos for your account. Be Authentic
2. DON’T request or buy followers or likes for your account. You don’t want your account to be filled with an unknown audience.
3. DON’T use inappropriate hashtags or inapplicable ones. Try doing your research.
4. DON’T comment on every post your followers publish.
5. DON’T give up on your account! It takes time to generate an audience.

Whether you’re looking to join Instagram, already have an account, or trying to find a better way to up your social media strategy, what we have for you today can help you maximize Instagram and improve your social media presence.

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