This year has been a challenge for many businesses globally in terms of marketing plans and strategies. While some social media marketing trends we see today might work in the coming year, it is still important for businesses to equip themselves with a strong social marketing strategy for 2021.

In this article, we will help you look at the social media marketing trends that will drive the most impact in 2021. Here are the trends businesses and professionals should take advantage of and incorporate into their marketing strategy this coming year.

1. The Rise of Socially Conscious Audience

If your business is running online, social has a particular meaning. It can mean the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many more. Today, it’s not just about social media, but being socially conscious too.

As a business owner or a professional, you need to start incorporating the topics like environment sustainability, mental health, access to technology, social justice or providing relief following a natural disaster. Here are credible tips that can help you implement a successful, socially conscious marketing campaign:

  • Authenticity matters to your leads or consumers.
  • Be transparent and educate your audience.
  • Well timed socially conscious content makes your brand stand out.
  • Connect your company with a cause.
  • Do not over promote.

2. The Rise of Digital Misinformation

“Fake News” is plaguing social media platforms for the past years. 2020 saw this issue being brought to the forefront due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to high levels of uncertainty, consumers were desperate to obtain, as well as share, COVID-19 related information. But it was not always accurate.

Businesses need to adopt a culture of transparency with consumers reducing the chances of people filling information gaps with inaccurate news regarding their brand. Practice brand monitoring to detect any instance of fake news being tied to your business. This 2021, expect social media channels highlighting the truth and silencing “Fake News”.

3. Conventional Marketing for a new market

Social Media trends come and go every day. Strategies we shunned before, can suddenly reappear, especially during the times of uncertainty. Since the turn of the century and the rise of the smartphone, digital marketing has taken over at breakneck speed. From email campaigns to website pop-ups, digital approaches take up a lot of space in today's marketing toolbox, with marketers often abandoning traditional methods they believe are outdated.

Depending on your business, however, these newer approaches may not always prove fruitful.
According to a 2016 survey by Econsultancy, only 22 percent of businesses are seeing satisfactory conversion rates from their digital marketing efforts. This disparity between campaigns and conversions illustrates that digital marketing, the foundation of most lead generation today, has its limitations.

This 2021 we will see a rise in “old-school marketing” as brands switch back to a simpler way of engaging consumers.

4. A little more conversation(al) marketing

With the current pandemic situation, sales are no longer top priority of leads and consumers – it’s engagement. Connecting and building relationship with your audience is the key to stay on track.

Conversational marketing is all about engaging customers and building relationships through personalized content. Brands today can no longer simply put out messages and hope for the best. There is an increasing need for brands to establish a 2-way conversation with consumers and connecting with them on matters that are most important to them.

5. Memes are taking over

Before we go into details of where and how a meme can be used in marketing, let us first understand what a meme actually is. A meme could be a picture, a video, a GIF or a picture with text inscribed to it. The underlying message is usually humorous or sarcastic.

The primary motive behind using memes in digital marketing is to grab attention. Since memes are catchy and funny, they can easily capture attention. They don’t need to hold viewers’ attention for long to deliver their message. Brands can make it work within the short attention span of their audience by delivering their marketing messages through memes.

The Takeaway

Did you spot a trend to use as leverage for your business in 2021? Whatever your industry is, getting the right content can be a game changer.

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