Not My J. O. B.”


If it is not yours then whose is it?

Defining the role of each team member is one of the most important factors in organizing your systems and processes. If each of your team member doesn't know his or her role, then there will be chaos in your workplace. There will be "blaming", "disagreement", and "discord"... You all will end up wasting precious time which will affect your overall productivity.

That, however, is the company's definition of your role. And like all relationships, there are two sides. In this case, we're talking about the company and you. So how do you define your role?

For me, defining roles doesn't mean, defining the job. If you think about it, even the best-laid processes are not limited to the steps they have. Each of the steps will sooner or later have the "if-then" added to it. Nothing is definite, nothing is enough. This is how I should see my role because like "there is more to my job than what was on the job description when I was hired", I know that there is more to me than the company's expectations.

Don't get me wrong. I am not talking about going beyond the boundaries and not adhering to the rules and regulations of the company you work for. Of course there are "limitations" to what you can morally and legally do.

What I am talking about here is the “added value”. 

The "extra" that I give.

The difference that I make.


I am talking about self-programs and development so I can have a bigger role in the growth of the company I work with and having the greatest reward that is self-fulfillment!

Are you the type of person who goes for the easy way out by saying, "It's not my job!" walk away and call it good? I wish I can say I am that type of person but I can't because I am not. Whether I suffer the effects of the "It's not my job" statement from people I work with, I will still care. If one says, "It's not my job!", I say, "I know it's my job!"

So how exactly did I work my way to self-growth, self-development, self-fulfillment, and habitual success by using the phrase, “I know it’s my JOB”?

Let's call this, Deth's, "I KNOW", "IT'S", "MY JOB" phrase's way to success! 


I know the only limitations I have are those that I give myself.

I know that even the smallest of things can make a big difference.

I know that if I limit myself, I will not grow, be successful or be fulfilled.

I know that I should stop making excuses for myself.

I know that complaining will get me nowhere.

I know that I shouldn't suffer in silence when a problem can be solved by talking about it. I know never to underestimate what I can do.

I know that if there is "what to do", I can always find the "how to do". I know that I should believe in myself even when others won't.

I know that I can always go beyond. I know that while others can, nobody can do it better than me. I know that I will not be outclassed because I am more than adequate.

I know that luck doesn't have anything to do with my opportunities.

I know that it takes time, the right attitude, hard work, discipline, and determination but if I do everything right, I will succeed.

Know to never to sell yourself short because there is more to you than the company-defined role.



It's when I provided something of importance even not requested.

It's that unexpected presence I gave when needed the most. It's that skill I provided that they didn't even know they needed.

It's that process I created or improved that made a big difference in workloads and timeframes.

It's that feature I found in the software that they didn't know about that saved them time and/or money.

It's that helping hand I gave to a teammate when they were swamped or in need of assistance.

It's the correcting a mistake unknowingly made by a co-worker because I took time to double-check and ended up saving the team time.

It's the much-needed information I provided because I took the time to research.

It's that system that I created or improved that made disorder into orderliness.

It's that project I took upon myself to work on and gave my employer's business the greatest return. It's that checklist I completed when no one else can.

It's that problem that I solved when no one else will. It's that obstacle that was overcome because of my input.

It's to contribute a lot of unexpected and critically needed "it's" that will give you and your client the greatest returns that will make a big difference in your success!


My J-O-B!

It is my job to not limit myself! It is my job to not be complacent! It is my job to stop making excuses!

It is my job to stop complaining! It is my job to think "I can", never "I can't"

It is my job to order myself to grow because no one else will!

It is my job to learn from setbacks and not give up!

It is my job to not just want but "DO" and do it right!

It is my job to not drown in the unknowns. I will find out!

It is my job to develop expertise that is relevant to my client's business growth and needs. It is my job to not keep quiet when there is something to say. It is my job to contribute!

It is my job to be ready to adapt and take on more responsibilities!

It is my job to be there when no one else will! It is my job to be the one when no one else can! It is my job to not be the problem but to help find solutions to problems!

It is my job to accept I am important, prove I am important, and should be valued! It is my job to be the difference. It is my job to know that I am the best, act like the best, and be the best!

Make it your job to make things happen for your company instead of waiting for your company to make things happen for you!


SO IF IT’S NOT YOUR J-O-B, whose is it?

About the writer:
Bernadette Canero holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering. She is one of the founders and owners of Summit VA Solutions. Ms. Canero is the Vice President and Chief Operating officer of Summit VA Solutions and, Inc.

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