Property management virtual assistants (PMVA) are becoming increasingly popular among property managers because they provide many benefits over traditional PMs. Let's break down why you need property management virtual assistants shall we?

Traditional PMs are expensive, difficult to find, and often unreliable. Virtual assistants solve these problems by providing high-quality service at a low cost. In fact, they may even save you money!

Virtual assistants also help property managers scale faster and reach new markets. They allow property managers to focus on managing properties instead of recruiting and training employees. And finally, virtual assistants make it possible for property managers to work from anywhere with internet access.

At Summit VA Solutions, we provide real estate trained, college educated, background checked and DISC tested virtual assistants to help leverage your business.
Virtual assistants are becoming an increasingly popular tool for property management companies. They provide a valuable service to property managers by helping them manage their workload and streamline processes.

However, virtual assistants aren't cheap. And most property management companies don't offer them as part of their services.

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So why would you pay for a virtual assistant when you can hire one yourself?

Here are the top four reasons why hiring a virtual assistant makes sense.

#1. Save Money

Hiring a virtual assistant saves you money. Instead of paying a salary to a person, you simply pay a monthly fee to a virtual assistant. This means you save money on payroll taxes, benefits, and training costs.

#2. Increase Productivity

Having a virtual assistant helps you increase productivity. Virtual assistants can handle tasks such as data entry, scheduling meetings, managing client files, and much more.

This frees up your time so you can focus on other aspects of your job. Plus, you won't have to spend hours every week searching for information and documents.

#3. Improve Customer Service

Hiring virtual assistance improves customer service. Having a virtual assistant available 24/7 allows you to answer questions quickly and efficiently.
Plus, you can easily send emails to clients and follow up with them later. If you ever find yourself short on staff, you can add another virtual assistant without worrying about additional expenses.

While hiring a virtual assistant may seem expensive, it's actually cheaper than hiring full-time employees.
In addition, you can scale back your workforce whenever necessary. For example, if you decide to cut back on your marketing efforts, you can simply remove your virtual assistant from your team.

When it comes to property management, hiring a virtual assistant can be a smart investment.

#4. Eliminate Errors

Some PMVAs specialize in data entry. Others specialize in analyzing data and identifying trends. Regardless of specialization, most PMVAs have extensive knowledge of industry standards and regulations.

They can therefore easily identify potential problems and correct mistakes before they become major issues.

With a PMVA, you won't have any excuses for missing deadlines or failing to follow protocol. You can rest assured knowing that your property is running smoothly and efficiently.

So next time you're considering hiring a PMVA, think about the advantages listed above. Then, contact us at Property Management Virtual Assistants and let us show you what we can do for you.

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As you can see, hiring a virtual assistant is a smart decision. But first, you should ask yourself these five questions.
  • Do I really need a virtual assistant?
  • Is my current employee capable of handling my daily tasks?
  • How do I plan to utilize my virtual assistant?
  • What kind of compensation am I willing to pay?
  • Will my virtual assistant help me grow my business?

After answering these questions, you'll be better prepared to determine whether hiring a virtual assistant is right for you.

Still not sure? Call us!
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