Whether you’re doing wholesaling, rehabbing, or just focusing on buying and selling properties, you will always need to start and implement a solid marketing campaign for your business to be successful.

Real estate marketing is your way of creating strategy that will help people to know and further explore your services to get more deals. Keep in mind that YOU are your marketing campaign’s biggest resource. The moment you start your business, you already started your brand. The way you run things will say everything about your business, from the way you communicate with leads and investors and even the way you design your platforms. That is why it is always imperative for you to be honest and act professional.

Doing marketing won’t cost you a fortune. The truth is, you can put as little – or as much – into your marketing efforts as you want. Social media is one of the free ways to get the word out about your business and target your respective audience.

There are many ways you can improve and step up your game when it comes to your real estate marketing efforts even during this pandemic. Here are some of the best real estate business strategies you can put in place:

1. Create Video Content
Video content is expected to become the dominant form of online marketing. As the majority of your clients and leads are just sitting at home, this is the best opportunity for you to share and spread your brand thru video content. With Facebook, YouTube, Instagram at your disposal, you can start by making a video about your company and your services. This will increase your brand awareness in no time.

2. Start Virtual Open Houses
A virtual open house is a way to show a home to potential buyers when they can't physically enter a property. This is one of the best ideas you can do to jumpstart your marketing strategies. With the ongoing pandemic, most people are staying at their homes and browsing online. You can easily organize and host virtual open houses to show your properties. You can host online meetings thru Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live and other platforms to show your leads, clients, and investors properties and answer all their questions.

3. Publish a Blog
Keeping a regular real estate blog allows you to show off your expertise as an agent. Through a real estate blog, you can show your experience and proficiency. Moreover, you can create digital content which highlights the benefits of living or investing in your neighborhood so that you attract more real estate leads interested in buying a property in the local housing market.

4. Host a Real Estate Podcast
Most people nowadays are turned off at the idea of attending networking events or real estate meetings due to it takes up time and don’t always offer desired results. Another one of the best marketing tactics you can utilize is starting a podcast. Podcasting helps real estate agents and brokers to expand their reach without the worry of meeting people outside their comfort zone. having a podcast is easier than making videos as you only have to worry about the audio and not the visuals.

5. Do a Real Estate Webinar
Real Estate webinars are one of the easiest and most effective media to talk to a large audience. In this current pandemic, a webinar is the best way to reach your target audience and enlighten them about your services. A webinar is a particularly good real estate digital marketing idea for agents who work with real estate investors, rather than homeowners. With webinars, your audience will definitely remember you when they are ready to a property in a couple of months.

Take Away

With the changing market and the pandemic, Real Estate agents need to start stepping up their game from traditional marketing to digital marketing strategies. With the aforementioned strategies, you can grow your business and get a guaranteed position ahead of the competition and be able to buy and sell real estate properties to those looking to sell and buy even in these trying times.

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