Social Media has been an integral part of many people’s lives. We spend hours and hours with our eyes and hands glued to our gadgets and computers. Hence, Social Media has dominated the world of Marketing. Like many businesses, the majority of Real Estate Agents thrive through Social Media. But it is common knowledge that many Real Estate posts tend to be rather boring to even read to the end. How does one come up with content that will get people interested and keep them reading? Here are a few tips you could try to put an end to boring Social Media posts:


Be more casual.
People like reading blogs or posts by someone they can relate to. Something that will make them think you’re actually speaking to them. This will establish a connection with your readers. And that connection is the main reason you post on Social Media for your Real Estate Business. Try injecting some humor into your Social Media Posts. Just make sure you don’t cross into being a wannabe stand-up comedian. Puns would be a good place to start.

Tell Stories.
From a very young age, we all have been enchanted by stories, fairy tales, ghost stories, etc. As we grew older, literary, movie, and television series have captured our interest and attention. We are all wired to give into our curiosity and follow stories to the end. So why not use this to your advantage when writing a blog or posting on Social Media? Tell a story and you’ll surely keep your audience’s attention.


Take advantage of trends.
Hundreds of trends pop up on Social Media that get users all in a frenzy. Take advantage of these trends. Get in on the action! Look for trending posts in different Social Media Platforms like Pinterest that people try to replicate, anything pertinent to Real Estate or even home improvement projects and renovations. Share it and let people hear your thoughts about it. This will get people interested in your Social Media Account and get your page or profile more traffic.

Celebrate Holidays!
Take advantage of the annual holidays. Make sure to come up with Holiday posts that you could relate to your Real Estate Business. This will make your audience feel a personal connection to you. Someone they could talk to, laugh with, and eventually do business with.

Hire A Professional.
We’re all born with different sets of skills. As people say “no one’s perfect” and “no one can have it all”. Realizing and accepting this is just half the battle. Find people who can do the job you can’t and keep them close. It shouldn’t be such a difficult task in a world of 7.9 billion people. You will definitely find people who can write and post interesting material on your Social Media that will surely entertain your audience and give your Real Estate Business the boost it needs.

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About the writer: Graduate with Diploma in Information Technology and Business Administration major in marketing & management. Former teacher for secondary and tertiary level. Former Trainer for Medicare customer support John used to write articles for Houston Real Estate investing and management.

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