Today, Social Media platforms are considered to be the best way to market and grow your business. As a real estate agent, there are a lot of platforms you can choose from when doing your digital marketing. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are some of the most important weapons you can utilize if you want to dominate your field.

Real estate professionals are already familiar with social media platforms. Agents have been utilizing these platforms for years to connect with their leads, clients and expand their network. The challenge you will face with many agents and brokers using social media platforms is how your post can stand out from the competition.

As a real estate agent, ask yourself, “What should you be posting on social media?”.

We will help you with what kind of content you can post to increase your profile or business visibility online and get better engagement with your target audience.


Show your network that you’re on top of your game. This kind of content gives buyers and sellers the idea that you’re a go-to source for market updates and real estate insights. Sharing trends and insights with your audience can open doors that will lead to a valuable connection with sellers or buyers in your area. So be sure to engage with comments and messages in your posts.


Every real estate agent is excited to post about their new listings. With this content, you are letting the world know that your business is up and running. Posting new listings on social media will give you more possible buyers and offers. When doing new listing content, check your data when and how often you will make this post, and be sure to include all the necessary information in your post.



Whether you're hosting a virtual tour or meet clients in person, sharing and posting your open houses is also a great way if you want to reach more possible leads or clients. Like new listing posts, you must provide all necessary information about the property and how your audience can engage.


Success is the sweetest thing to share with your followers. Show your network and audience that you accomplish getting deals done and your clients are satisfied. Create this kind of post more interesting by adding personal details about your clients and their new home!


Let your work tell something about you. It won’t hurt if you ask your clients to give and share testimonials on their experience working with you. If you can ask your clients for a video, that’s going to be way better! This content is one of the best ways to build trust with your target market. When posting this kind of content, only put the initial of the last name of your client. Ask permission if necessary.

Knowing what to post as a real estate agent is very important to keep your social media visibility on top. With the above-mentioned content, you should be able to see better results with your marketing efforts and gain more leads thru social media.

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