I LIED! Not the “not minding my own business” part. That part is true. I lied because I am NOT SORRY. The way I see it, if I want to be successful, I have to make what everybody does, “MY BUSINESS”. BUT only a selected few will know.

To state it clearly, "I HATE BEING MICROMANAGED BUT I WORK HARD TO SILENTLY MICROMANAGE ALL PEOPLE AROUND ME." I do this 90% of the time and I do it consistently. The 10%? Well, I sleep.

The norm for employees is to depend on feedbacks or performance reviews given by Managers and Supervisors to know how effective, efficient, productive or even "successful" they are as members of a team or the company as a whole. This is not a bad practice. In fact, it's good to know if you are delivering expectations. Knowing the company holds what you do of value, being recognized for the things you accomplished (that they know of) and the company giving you pointers for improvements are priceless and will do wonders to the self-esteem and morale of an employee.

But there's being given much needed or welcomed directions and feedback and there's the reliance on these performance reviews or instructions that your effectivity stems from being micromanaged. I got news for you!

“You are NOT as effective as you think if you rely on a supervisor hovering and telling you what to do, how you're doing it right or wrong and to see issues that you should have seen yourself if you were actually paying attention to the quality of service you are delivering.”


There are so many things that could go wrong if the managers don't do this for the right reasons and ending up not doing the processes right.

  • Managers will lose their influence because let's face it, who wants to be micromanaged all the time? One of my blogs discusses how important influence is to growth and success.
  • Workplace morale goes down because employees will stop believing they can do the job.
  • Employees lose the ability to make smart decisions because they start doubting themselves.
  • Employees may also lose that feeling of being empowered by the manager and worse, the company.
  • That sense of achievement will be lost and worse, they stop setting up goals to help the company
  • Communication between employers and employees will suffer.
  • Team growth will disappear because they will shy away from helping or teaching each other thinking they have nothing productive to give.
  • Employees will not take the initiative to make a difference because of the loss of trust.

As a manager, I can go on and on with the negatives and I am sure a number of you can give more reasons after experiencing different micromanaging disasters. So is it really worth doing? Maybe not? Maybe to some extent?

Personally, I hate being micromanaged because I hate being told what to do. I know my responsibilities and how they should be delivered.

So why do I MICROMANAGE if I hate being MICROMANAGED?


-I love to LEARN so I can't mind my own business. I need to know what others are doing so I can learn. Their businesses are mine to learn and know. I upskill for personal and professional growth and everything is value added. -I want to be able to "TAKE THE INITIATIVE". How can I do that if I don't have a good handle on anything and everything?

-I am big fan of "BEING PROACTIVE". The only way for me to be proactive is to see the whole picture and understand all particulars, when they are needed or expected to be completed. I do things before I am told to do them. I take responsibility knowing I will be given the responsibility on a later date.

-I like to "BE PREPARED". In one of my blogs, I discussed expectations, those expected and unexpected and the importance of being ready to meet them. Being prepared is readying myself to deliver as soon as the need arises.

-My goal is to be the "DIFFERENCE". Knowing future needs including those yet to be realized by the company and molding myself to be the person who can deliver these future needs when no one else can will make me exactly that. -I want to be on top of everything so I need to know everything that is happening.

-If already in place, to be able to provide more effective systems and processes. If nothing is in place, to create highly effective structure, systems and processes for the team or the company.

In all, “I want to be "ALL KNOWING" so I can be "THE BEST"! Hard to achieve? I want it anyway so I work hard to reach that state every single day.
Everything else will fall into place. When I say everything, I mean growth, success, leadership, influence, recognition, awards, rewards, contentment, achievement, being indispensable and all the other "best you” words that life coaches in today's world use to motivate people. Long road home but those are just some of the benefits of hating being micromanaged and making micromanagement a skill. But is it easy to MICROMANAGE without facing the mentioned “negative results? As always in my world, there is a workaround.


To make it simple, let's split my process into two categories; the "MY BUSINESS" and the "SHOULD BE NONE OF MY BUSINESS". As you can see, it now has to do with what I am responsible of and what I am NOT responsible of.


  • This includes my own personal responsibilities where completions do not affect others. My own personal ROLE.
  • These are those answerable to me on a daily basis because I manage them.

For these people, I am licensed to mind their business. Reality check? I need to know what they do, how they do it, why they do it and if they did it correctly. I “silently” micromanage them to learn everything I need to know about their role and responsibilities which in my world means "EVERYTHING". Once very well versed, I continue micromanaging them without them knowing and only get with them if they miss out on something, they did something incorrectly or they were lacking. This is to avoid issues and resolve issues before they become even bigger problems later on.


  • People who are outside my scope of responsibilities so they don't answer to me. I am NOT to delegate anything to them. What they do shouldn't be my business and I have no reason to micromanage them.

These people, I shouldn't even mind what they do, why they do it, how they do it or if they are doing a good job or not. I shouldn't be in their radar but does this stop me? Not really but I do it very silently, they won't even know.



It's following people to learn what their roles are, how their roles in the company affect my role, what are the company's expectations from them as they play their roles, what are their procedures for completion, how they meet or even exceed these expectations, why they fail in their roles and how they complete the company's process flow and operations. I follow them, I learn what they do and I review their performance and effectivity as a way of adding value to myself.


I want to be very well equipped and ready to be successful. It's all about realizing my reasons, setting them as goals, meeting these goals and the knowledge that setting boundaries and/or limiting myself to only those I am responsible for is not smart and definitely not the way to go if I want to succeed and grow as a person and as a part of the team or company.

HOW SHOULD I MICROMANAGE? “SILENTLY, diligently and consistently until you know if not everything then almost everything.”

Remember: To avoid all the negative effects, do it SILENTLY and to let it be known only when:

  • There is a need to prevent or resolve issues/problems
  • To up employee or team productivity -To improve efficiency of an individual or a team
  • To give input when asked
  • Other instances when the need to “talk” presents itself.

I leave you with this… “It may not be your responsibility today but if you put in the hard work in readying yourself to deserve growth and success, the possibility of being in charge in the future is not an impossibility. It’s just around the corner for those who are focused and work really hard to get there!”

So, what’s your plan? Should you be minding your own business or are you going to make “SILENT MICROMANAGING” everyone your business from now on?

Whatever your reason for doing it, aside from adding value and being the best, one of your main objectives should be to have the ability to run and do anything or everything that is the company!

The above information is my own view, my process, my own system, my reasons, my own goals and have been practicing the steps for years. You don’t have to agree but if you want to follow my process because my view makes sense to you, I'd say, "GO ahead! BUT do it the right way and ALWAYS for the right reasons."

About the author:
Bernadette Canero holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering. She is one of the founders and owners of Summit VA Solutions. Ms Canero is Summit VA Solutions' Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and Virtual Assistant Trainer.

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