Because of the unprecedented shifts in the way we work in 2020—more companies have discovered and embraced the benefits of hiring Virtual Assistants. Real Estate professionals and industries of all kinds are finding and implementing new ways to conduct business online, overcoming physical distances with a range of digital tools.

But while some businesses have quickly recognized the positive impacts of remote teams made up of independent talent and full-time professionals, many others remain on the fence about making the transition. During these uncertain times, companies may worry their workers will struggle to maintain a balance between work and taking care of their families.

And while businesses might be aware of obvious advantages (such as eliminating commutes and reducing overhead cost), there are more nuanced benefits of hiring VAs.


In this article, we’ll present an array of benefits a Virtual Assistant can have on your business, ranging from widely discussed perks to less apparent advantages. By considering the following factors, you can make fully informed decisions hiring a VA:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Dramatically reduce cost.
  • Widen your talent pool with more diverse perspectives.
  • Make your business more agile.

Increased productivity.

For years, many believed that workers would be less productive when working from home. However, extensive research suggests precisely the opposite: When professionals go remote, their productivity tends to increase substantially.

Even more interesting, this productivity boost seems related to the way Virtual Assistants pace their workflows. While we’re working through unprecedented times—and some professionals may not feel empowered to take valuable breaks—these breaks, when utilized, can help talent recharge. As a result, they deliver more truly productive hours than their in-office peers.

Additionally, Virtual Assistants respect professionals’ needs and preferences. Virtual Assistants are empowered to make their own choices about the conditions in which they work, from what they keep on their desks to their preferred background playlist. In this sense, companies allow remote workers to create their own foundation for success.

The lack of commute is also beneficial. The average commute is roughly 26 minutes each way—time that is typically stressful and sedentary. When remote workers get that time back, they can use it to take care of themselves.

Self-care is essential to sustained career success, both in times of particular stress and ongoing practice. 


Dramatically reduce cost.

Let’s get down to brass tacks: On a purely financial level, Virtual Assistants present valuable opportunities to reduce overhead. While costs related to physical office space vary widely, some estimates suggest that companies can save an average of $11,000 per year for every worker. Imagine how much you could save!


Widen your talent pool with more diverse perspectives.

By erasing geographic barriers, you can seek out the specific skills and expertise you need without limiting yourself to workers who can or are willing to commute themselves to the office.. Having a Virtual Assistant also gives way for diverse views and experiences. When various cultures meet in the context of a supportive team, new possibilities are likely to emerge.


Make your business more agile.

As recent events have made undeniably clear, real estate professionals and companies must be built to embrace change if they hope to thrive over time. As various forms of uncertainty cast traditional business models into doubt, adaptability is a prized attribute across industries.

If your goal is to stay flexible for whatever the future holds, having a Virtual Assistant/s is an optimal strategy. In terms of scalability, you can easily augment your workforce with new talent, staffing specifically to seize new opportunities. Similarly, if major pivots or innovations are necessary, your organization won’t be inhibited by a particular location or office design.

Go farther and further with Summit VA Solutions

We hope the insights shared above illuminate the potential of Virtual Assistants to transform your business and organization. If you’re ready to tap into our pool of top-notch real estate trained, college educated and background checked Virtual Assistants, contact us today!

By Summit VA Solutions' Marketing Director | August 29, 2020

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