There are different tasks in every business: administrative tasks, executive tasks, marketing tasks, etc. Each task is equally vital as the others in ensuring the success and growth of a business. It is important to identify which tasks you can focus on and which tasks only you can fulfill.

In today’s Real Estate Industry, marketing has evolved into a very dynamic playing field. Traditional marketing, although still effective, is taking the backseat as Social Media Marketing takes the wheel. Social Media Marketing is often perceived as a simple task, but as many Real Estate Agents who have successfully used social media in their marketing efforts would attest, it requires much time and skill.

Here are several pointers to maximize your social media for your Real Estate Business:


Every Real Estate Marketing campaign requires a plan, and using social media is no different. It requires serious planning and careful thought. Consider branding, your messaging style, and your target audience. Remember why you’re on social media to know what to do and how to do it. With that, map out a plan and your course of action. You will find that execution of these plans may take you away from the executive tasks that you have to accomplish. Hiring a Virtual Assistant for this phase would be your best bet. A Virtual Assistant can focus on your Social Media while you focus on tasks that you yourself need to finish.

Establish an SOP

A standard operating procedure for your social media efforts would increase efficiency and guarantee a smooth flow with minimum supervision. The SOP will be your Virtual Assistant’s guide map in managing your Social Media while you fulfill your executive role. Without an SOP to adhere to, your social media efforts will be in vain whether you decide to handle it yourself or hand it over to a Virtual Assistant.

Posting Social Media Content

Posting content to your social media is necessary to increase your online presence. You may have full control of your social media content without wasting time posting them yourself. Timing is rather crucial in your social media efforts. A Virtual Assistant can handle posting your content according to your approved timeline. This will save you precious time that you could direct towards other tasks.

Keep your profile up-to-date

Keeping your social media profile up-to-date is a task often overlooked by Real Estate Agents. Remember that your profile represents your Real Estate Business and is the virtual equivalent of a good handshake. An updated profile would definitely make a good impression. A Virtual Assistant can constantly update your profile details like your contact information, bio, profile photo, your banner, and update the audience of your latest accomplishments.

Maximize the use of social media to benefit your Real Estate Business. Hire a Virtual Assistant to ensure that your social media reflects your brand and your business intentions.

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About the writer: Graduate with Diploma in Information Technology and Business Administration major in marketing & management. Former teacher for secondary and tertiary level. Former Trainer for Medicare customer support John used to write articles for Houston Real Estate investing and management.

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