In 2015, Summit VA Solutions first launched its blogs, a platform rich with potential. Blogs that would give out information to Real Estate Agents on issues affecting the industry and suggest a way to leverage their businesses.

However, with the number of platforms out there that give out information that is easier to access it’s enough to make you wonder: Is a blog worth it?

You’re not alone if this question has come up.

In fact, USA Today reports that with the peak of Social Media, more companies are replacing blogs with easier tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, that require less time and fewer resources. Surveys show fewer companies are blogging instead companies are investing more resources at LinkedIn’s company pages and on YouTube channels. 

But before you abandon your blog, if you haven’t already, take a hard look at the pros and cons, including what blogging does better than other platforms and whether you realistically have the resources to do blogging well.


Your blog is yours, where no one can change the format, forcing you to redesign and repost.

Plus, fresh content is essential for search engine optimization success. Your regularly updated blog is likely to show up more often than your Web site in searches for industry-related information.

A blog enables your business to disseminate information and viewpoints that are picked up and shared by news outlets.

According to HubSpot, companies with blogs attract 55% more website visitors, get 97% more inbound links, and have 43% percent more indexed Web pages than blog-less companies.


Blogging isn’t for every business and this has nothing to do with your size. It takes commitment and consistency, likely over the span of at least a year, to bear fruit. Blogging takes time and resources, more than you may have originally thought.

The hardest part isn’t coming up with content, it’s finding time to write it. Then that content also must be published and shared on social media.

After that, you have to monitor and respond to comments, not to mention comment on other blogs in order to promote your own. Which brings us to the second most cited hurdle of blogging, according to our survey—attracting traffic.

The likely reason most of the estimated 95 percent of blogs that are abandoned within months of launch fail is poor or nonexistent planning and inconsistencies.  We understand that as a business owner you have so much on your plate all ready and that blogging isn’t for everyone.

In case you do decide to start or continue with your blog but don’t know how to start (or re-start it) we have a suggestion for you!

Why not hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant that can plan, research, write, post, and monitor your blogs and social media accounts for you? A Virtual Assistant, who is Real Estate Trained, College, Educated,  Background Checked and DISC Tested professional whose primary goal is to help you and your business succeed.

Interested? Give us a call at (877) 561-2778 or email us via to know more of what we can do to help you!

About the writer:

Shaura Cuyan writes about all the hottest Real Estate trends and predictions for Summit VA Solutions! She has previously written for a number of freelancing gigs and writes her own blog on lifestyle and current issues. She is a Graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication, taking up her Masters in Development Communication.





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