Every real estate agent knows that handling transactions can be time consuming. Sometimes, you end up canceling an appointment, turning down a meeting, or even missing a scheduled call. Trying to do everything alone could actually hurt you and your business. One of the best options you have is to hire a virtual assistant who knows the end-to-end process of your business.

Hiring a virtual transaction coordinator has become increasingly popular in the real estate industry. Today, we will help you know the advantages of hiring one and how a virtual transaction coordinator can help you grow your business.

A Virtual Transaction Coordinators saves you time and Money

A Virtual Transaction coordinator is an independent contractor, meaning, you don’t have to worry about overhead expenses you would normally pay for a an in-house employee. You also save time by hiring one since you don’t have to invest your time and resources training them, they already excel at the tasks that will be assigned to them. All you need to do is show them how you want things to go and they can get started right away!

A Virtual Transaction Coordinator helps you focus on what you do best

A Virtual TC will take care of every document and information needed for your transactions and prepare them before the deadline. They ensure that everything is ready, and the transaction will close successfully.

They will also take care of your inbox so you don’t have to worry checking your messages. They can respond to any inquiries or concerns from the parties involved in the transaction. With a virtual TC backing you up, you can be efficient as an agent and this will give you more time to focus on income generating tasks

A Virtual Transaction Coordinator can help you organize, update and follow-up

One of the virtual TC’s key responsibility is to keep your schedule organized. They keep track of your schedule to prevent you from missing anything important regarding deadlines and appointments. Making sure that your calendar is organized will ensure that you avoid any delays that will affect your closing process.

Aside from keeping you organized, they will also keep everything up to date, and guarantee all necessary information needed are correct and complete. Additionally, they keep track of the dates to make sure that they will be able to follow-up and update all parties involved to avoid possible miscommunication.


With a virtual transaction coordinator, you just don’t save time and money, you also help your business get the leverage it needs. Hiring one will give you more time to focus on getting more clients and help you gain a new perspective on your business and any issues that may come along.

If you have decided to hire and now in search for a virtual transaction coordinator, Summit VA Solutions is here for you. Summit Virtual Assistants are given 160 hours of extensive Real Estate training that is geared towards understanding the end-to-end of your Real Estate operations.

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