Customer relationship management helps business owners make better decisions through big-data insights and superior data management. These are the four primary functions of CRM software:

  • Sales team automation: Contact management, lead forecasting, reporting, and sales pipeline analysis.
  • Help desk automation: IT asset management, a self-service database, FAQs, and ticketing.
  • Marketing Management: Email marketing and event planning, market analysis, campaign management, and lead/prospect management.

Customer support: Self-service solutions, customer experience platforms, case management, and ticketing services. Your organization’s customer satisfaction rating is the lifeblood of your success. Reducing customer complaints through CRM tools increases customer loyalty and helps decrease attrition and defection.

Keep track of every customer’s needs with CRM software, and use that information to tailor offerings to fit their individual goals and tastes. CRM software also improves customers’ perception of your business's products and offerings. With fewer customer complaints and pain points, satisfaction levels generally increase.

These features provide you with the tools to streamline your workflows and deliver improved customer-centered service. Plus, they automate many tedious and time-consuming manual tasks.



As you grow and want to drive business goals, A CRM can solve additional problems like:

  • Managing data, when it becomes impossible to visualize relationships amongst leads and prospects, sales opportunities, etc.
  • Time-suck, or the time it requires your team to toggle back and forth between different tools.
  • Silos. If each salesperson, for example, has her own way of managing data and customer relationships, when that person leaves the company, all of her “data” essentially leaves with her.

Be conscious of when your ad hoc system of managing, leads, prospects and customers get out of control. It is much better to be proactive about adopting a CRM than to wait until it’s too late

Today, customer analytics help companies of all sizes improve business decision-making by mining and collecting large amounts of personalized data. The best CRM software features built-in marketing automation tools, which utilize pattern recognition and machine learning to find small problems before they arise and satisfy customer complaints before they appear.

Happy CRM Hunting!

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