TRENDING: VIRTUAL TOURS (and a free give away for you!)


As the impact of the health crisis became ever-present in March and April, the new development real estate community quickly innovated to keep buyers engaged, in the hopes of a bounce back when we return to a new normal. New means of doing business were created in the course of days and have already resulted in a number of virtual appointments, offers and, yes, virtual tours.

Our teams understand that not all real estate agents have the time or know how to edit virtual tours on a regular basis, thus, we would like to offer our services to you for a limited time only.


Simply go to our website and register to avail of this offer. This is a quick give a way to all the agents who are struggling and need some help.

It is clear that 2020 was off to a promising start. Buyers were feeling confident that the market had adjusted to the higher-than-average supply of new development condominiums. They accepted pricing, developer incentives and historically low mortgage rates, which combined to ultimately create momentum that seemingly would have continued into the second quarter and beyond had we not encountered a pandemic.

Innovation such as virtual tours of sales offices and model residences via Zoom and other videoconferencing, as well as 3D floor plans and video walk-throughs, have allowed sales teams to engage with buyers and provide a sales experience nearly identical to what they would experience in person.

We would like to help. Hurry and avail of this limited offer today!

About the writer:
Shaura Cuyan writes about all the hottest Real Estate trends and predictions for Summit VA Solutions! She has previously written for a number of freelancing gigs and writes her own blog on lifestyle and current issues. She is a Graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication, taking up her Masters in Development Communication.

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