In the past few years, we have lost so much time and money due to the pandemic. Now that we're finally able to rise, we're seeing some upside to the business. As real estate professionals, there are tons to do. You'll need some administrative assistance, but why remote?

Remote work saves time and money, plain and simple.

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Promoting a results-oriented company where each team member can work wherever is most productive. It is also a great path toward high-quality work. With a higher quality of life, too.

Remote work was important to our CEO Stacy Sutter from the start. As he himself is someone who greatly enjoys traveling and being with family.

He wanted the whole team to have freedom. To live and work from the place in the world they felt the happiest. When people are happy they are at their most productive state. They have the courage to discover where that might be while being effective and efficient.

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But besides that, remote work builds morale. If you’re not a morning person, getting ready for work and getting caught in traffic can start to build some frustration or even resentment.

By far the largest benefit of the remote structure is the ability to bring the very best talent to the position we’re looking for at the time. Instead of being constrained to a single location, you’re able to scan candidates across the country for the best fit for the specific role at hand.

In the early days of remote work and virtual assistants, it was quickly discovered that having teammates spread out around the world was an excellent way to save money, and space and connect to more people with great talent.

People are happier, they have a better work/life balance, and they stick around for longer!

There is a freedom and sense of trust that comes with remote work. A factor that attracts a certain type of employee around the globe. Not everyone is able to make the remote lifestyle work for them though. As for those who can tend to be hard-working, creative, passionate, and loyal.

With SUMMIT VA SOLUTIONS, you get the best REAL ESTATE TRAINED, COLLEGE EDUCATED, BACKGROUND CHECKED and DISC TESTED professionals to work for you and your business!

With remote work being the norm in every industry it is important to hire remote workers from proven and trusted companies.

Let SUMMIT VA SOLUTIONS help you find the best candidate to fill the role you need to leverage your business today!

Focus on you do best. Delegate the rest to your very own remote worker from SUMMIT VA SOLUTIONS today!

About the writer: Shaura Cuyan writes all the hottest Real Estate trends and predictions for Summit VA Solutions! She has previously written for a number of freelancing gigs both locally and internationally and writes her own blog on lifestyle and current issues. She is a Graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication and has a Masters degree in Development Communication.   

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