When was the last time you felt profoundly accomplished? On a given day, we try to live as much normal, ordinary and accustomed ways of getting through life in all possible ways we can. Some days, we’d rather deviate from what is conventional to see what the other side of the fence has in store for us. Roadblocks are everywhere and coping up in itself is already a challenge. Our goals are what motivate us to better ourselves that despite all these, we have that sense of direction towards hitting the spot no matter the odds. As Virtual Assistants, how do you achieve goals set and feel totally empowered at the same time?

  • ITEMIZE. Get that list on and dissect what the specific goals are. Having the break down enables you to identify the uniqueness of the approach in getting things done. Remember that having one too many can be distracting. Know your priorities!
  • UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE. Why the need to fulfill a specific goal? It is not enough that “you do what you’ve got to do”. There has to be a sense of grasp and coherent insight as to why the goal is even there and that it needs to be met.
    • BEND AND STRETCH. Things don’t always go as planned. The pile can be overwhelming and you may feel it’s the end of the road for you when it’s not. Learn to keep up with the demands by meeting somewhere in the middle. Know that your capabilities are bound by the limits you set yourself.

    `“Learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little than to break.”


  • CONNECT. Building relationships is essential towards a more meaningful life. Nurturing your interpersonal skills can be mutually beneficial as it creates an avenue of infusing best practices when the answers required are not present in any given circumstances. Human as we are, no matter how self-sufficient we strive to become, a strong network of support is beneficial for both personal and career growth.
  • EYES ON THE PRIZE. Focus on what is relevant. Hurdles are everywhere and uncertainties may start waving at the front door. Amid the barriers of achieving set goals in mind, trust the process and be resolute that you are getting there no matter how unfavorable the situation may be.
  • PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK. Recognize your victories no matter how minimal they seem to be. Large goals start with small tasks. Be proud of your accomplishments and value the challenges that come along with it. Congratulate yourself for a job well done!
  • EVALUATE YOURSELF. You are your greatest mentor. Be accepting of your flaws and acknowledge that mistakes should inspire you to do better. Reflect on the outcome of the courses of your action and how it impacted the workplace. Were the expected results fulfilled? Am I on the right track? Where do I need to improve? Learn new skills. With that said, a balanced self-assessment yields an opportunity for growth and advancement.

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

– Dale Carnegie

Ultimately, when we are faced with levels of uncertainty we try holding back. Just because we deem failures as human weakness, we define success through a certain perspective that we should never fail. Take control of what you can and be flexible enough to accept what you cannot. Map out your career goal and start listening to your thoughts. In more ways than one, the mind is powerful enough to influence life’s decisions so be mindful of how you feed it. Challenge mental presumptions of anything or anyone and recognize that more than just the desire to be competent is the will to be empowered.

Cecile Gay Animas
Virtual Assistant Manager
Summit VA Solutions

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