You probably saw posts on social media with lots of words in pound signs and wonder what they are for. Those are what we call hashtags. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner in social media marketing, Hashtags help you to increase engagement on your posts. It is important for you to know how to research the hashtags that fit your real estate business and correctly use them to boost your marketing efforts.

Social Media Hashtags can be a valuable add-on to your digital marketing strategy. Using the right real estate hashtags, your content or post will reach the right audience, leads, or prospects.

Today, we will discuss the types of hashtags, examples you can use, and why you should start putting hashtags to your business posts and contents


Types of Social Media Hashtags

Hashtags can be beneficial to your company if you use them correctly. The social media keywords and topics will depend on your marketing strategy. Here are the types of social media hashtags you can use to boost your social media presence.

Content hashtags: If you’re just getting started with your social media strategy, this type will help you do the trick. This type of hashtag offers an effective way to boost content visibility.

Branded hashtags: There are a lot of different hashtags you can use but you don’t want your post to get buried amidst theirs. Brand-specific hashtags make it easy for you to organize and promote content from your company and reach your target customers.

Trending hashtags: This type of hashtags is popular and being used by millions of people worldwide. Popular hashtags can generate massive awareness for your business if users find your content interesting.


No matter what type of post you're creating, whether it’s for your new listing, market trend, or a milestone your real estate business has reached, you should include hashtags. Below is the list of hashtags that are searched and utilized in real estate industry.


Why Do You Need To Start Using HASHTAGS Now

Let’s look at the ways you can leverage hashtags to enhance your brand.

Expand Your Customer Base
Hashtags help you reach more target audiences. The more engagement you make, the wider your customer base will be.

Build a Community
Hashtags are like social media communities. People with the same interests and likes are all in one place.

Increase Your Engagement
Social media hashtags will boost your brand exposure. The more people recognize your brand, the more social media engagement you’ll see. When you use relevant hashtags on your social media profiles, you get more followers, likes, comments, and shares.

Here are some tips we can provide to have an effective hashtag strategy.
1. Use the search bar to find related hashtags you can use.
2. Make a research before you start sharing a post with hashtags
3. Know what your competitors are using.
4. Mix it up! Don’t just use one hashtag. Search, use and play with it.

If you want to get a boost and good result when using hashtags, you need to provide quality and valuable content to your audience and be authentic. Once your social media is driving visitors toward your business, you’ll need to make sure that there is someone fast and reliable who can engage with them. Hire a Summit Virtual Assistant!

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